• Blocked Sewer Line Replacement CompanyBlocked Sewer Line Replacement Company
    If you run into the problem of clogged drain you may try to fix it yourself or call a city licensed professional plumber 416-951-0777. The choice depends on scale of the trouble. The typical causes are aging drainage/sewer pipelines and blockages in them. Reasons for the drain or sewer blockage: Materials that stuck and/or built up over time: hair, dirt, paper products or food debris etc. Problem with the drain or sewer pipe itself: a broken or […]
  • Plumbing Services Etobicoke: What Do You Expect From Your Plumber?
    Among all the numerous Plumbing Services Etobicoke companies only the few top ones are really professional. Unfortunately it is true as our sanitary technicians have been fixing the mistakes of other workers for way too many times in the past. Investing into a Good Plumber is always a good idea. You might of course try fixing the issue yourself but are you sure you will not regret it later? The Best Plumbing Services Etobicoke Here is why the […]
  • Why the Licensed Plumbers Toronto are better?
    Of course you might want to save a few pennies and think that calling an unlicensed plumber is totally ok but let us give you an insight on the industry and why it is not a very good idea. There are some reasons why Licensed Plumbers Toronto Services cost the way they do. You get the best materials and the best plumbing services saving you lots of time and headache. Why should you only trust the Licensed Plumbers Toronto (GTA), Mississauga? Let […]
  • Drain Companies Toronto (GTA), Mississauga – Studying the Market
    You will find hundreds of phone numbers Drain Companies Toronto (GTA), Mississauga in every local newspaper. Even more Plumbing and Drain Companies have web sites online trying to attract customers with discounts and lucrative offers. And of course all the stories about cowboy plumbers that fool customers are really scary and you need a Plumber that can actually get the job done. The main advice is to check the company thoroughly and not fall […]
  • Emergency Plumber Toronto – How to Spot the Top Professional Technician in the Flooded Market
    Do you have a reliable Emergency Plumber Toronto service phone number? Of course it is always better to take your time, check all the reviews and find a real professional but what if you have an emergency? What if there is no time for a call out, consultations, reading all the references etc? Let us help you with making the right choice. Good Emergency Plumber in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga? So what are the traits of a really Professional […]
  • Why it is not recommended to ignore Repairing a Leaky Basement Toronto
    When we buy our own house we get rid of some problems, like annoying neighbors, and get other like Leaky Basement. It is a very unpleasant situation and ignoring it could lead to more serious problems to your home and even your health. First of all wet basement could cause mildew and fungus. Their spores could find their way into the house and lead to serious health difficulties. Second, rats and mice like to live in humid spaces. We all know […]
  • Drainage Contractors in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga – Find a Real Professional
    When it comes to the Clogged Sewage Pipes there is nothing like a Sewage Backup Cleanup to remove the clogs. The AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company – the best Drainage Contractors Toronto (GTA), Mississauga has been using best plumbing technology for all 14 years of our existence and we have perfected it so when it comes to the Sewage Repair you should give us a call 416-951-0777 Another thing that you have probably not heard of yet is called […]
  • Drain Cleaning Mississauga service
    Drain Cleaning Mississauga is one of the most popular sanitary technician services and for that reason you can get lost in various discounts, deals and offers. Remember that what you need is a professional plumbing company with a good reputation to clean up the sewage once and for always. Call us any time (416) 951-0777, we will give you a professional advice and a quote. There is also a money back guarantee. Why the DIY Remedies Do Not Help So […]
  • Drain Service company in Mississauga
    Drain Problem becomes a disaster for everybody. Any situation such as Drain Clog, overflows, water and sewage flooding, Drainage BackUp needs immediate Drain Service Mississauga. Call Us and our experienced plumbers experts will come immediately and provide such Draining Services as Sanitary Drain Repair, Sewer Snaking, and Sewer Cleaning if needed. Our professional team is trained to solve drain issues of any complexity. Key Aspects of Drain […]
  • How to deal with Basement Sewer Backup efficiently?
    Basement Sewer Backup Mississauga, Toronto (GTA) is a common problem among many homeowners. During heavy rains the sewage system becomes filled with more water and waste than it can carry. This way, sewage water needs to go somewhere. As a result, the liquid finds its way into the basement through sewer/drain pipes. The most common causes of Sewer Backup in Mississauga, Toronto (GTA): Sewers are full. In rainy seasons the excess water often […]
  • The Best Solution for Basement Waterproofing Mississauga
    Leaking Basement Walls look really ugly. High humidity can damage your property and harm your health. The moisture causes the growth of mould, rot and mildew on the building materials. As a result, your family members may get serious health problems. That is why you should Basement Waterproofing Mississauga as soon as possible. In most cases leakage is caused by a wrongly installed gutter downspout, simple condensation and wrong deep location of […]
  • Efficient Ways to Unclog Drain Pipes Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    Why the Drain Pipe is Blocked? Pipe Blockage is often caused by grease, food, hair, bath salts, paper towels, feminine products, etc. It’s important to keep in mind simple rules on how to avoid Clogged Drains. First, you should never pour grease down your sink, so as it will solidify as it cools, making a blockage. It is also recommended to install a strainer or filter that can catch the food, hair and other rubbish before it enters your drain […]
  • How to Fix Your Plumbing Problems?
    If the Drainpipe is Clogged, the toilet, shower, sink or bath can be quickly filled with water. That is why, it is important to Fix Drain Pipe as soon as possible. Many homeowners prefer using natural remedies, such as backing soda and vinegar. Another useful thing you might need to Unblock your Drain is a plunger. Be careful with chemical cleaners, so as they can be very harmful for your health as well as your drainage system. You should always […]
  • Clogged Drain Repair Plumbing Company
    Clogged Drain is one of the most common Plumbing Problems. You might think that you could solve it on your own using your own means. However, it is not always the case. More often than not that would take you to just a bigger problem. Thus, due to understandable inexperience you might not be able to use the Drain Snaking correctly, which could result in damage of the plastic pipes, breakage of the clay pipes and even the copper ones. Commercial […]
  • Drain Cleaning service in Scarborough
    It is important that you ensure technical maintenance of your Sewer Pipes and Drains on the regular basis, including regular Drain Cleaning Scarborough. Over time, the streaming water has carried down lots of grease, debris, dirt, soap and sewage with it, which build up along the inner walls of the pipes. That leads to Drain Clogs. The easiest way to determine that you need Drain Cleaning Scarborough is the presence of bad odor coming from the […]
  • Main Water Line Repair Toronto
    Hydro is an essential supply in any house, so it is important to keep all water lines in good condition to prevent leakages. Often we hear from clients who complain of Low Water Pressure, the cause of which turns out to be use of 0.5-inch pipe. To resolve this concern, the right solution would be Main Water Line Replacement Toronto 3/4″ or 1″. AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Contractor offers its expertise in Main Water Line Repair or Replacement […]
  • Waterproofing Basement Walls outside or inside
    You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices for the services of Basements and Walls Waterproofing because we work without intermediaries and the price for our services is lower than the average market price. You will be able to see it yourself by giving us a call at 416-951-0777 today.   Poor Waterproofing of Foundation and Walls is much more dangerous than you think. First, it has a devastating impact on the foundation of the building […]
  • A Backflow Valve will Save Your Drinking Water from Contamination
    Have you ever experienced Drain Backup or Backflows in your water supply system? It’s probably the worst plumbing disaster you’ll ever have to deal with. Fortunately, these emergencies can be easily prevented with the help of certain prevention devices. A Backflow Valve is specially designed to block the reverse flow of water in both residential properties and commercial establishments. Actually, backflow occurs when the water supply system […]
  • Drain Jetting. Drain Cleaning Service
    AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company Toronto for already many years have been offering Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto, GTA, and vicinities. Having accumulated a lot of experience within those years we now offer the fastest and most efficient method of cleaning out drains and pipes using Hydro-Jetting, which is the best way to clean out the blockages and debris from the pipes. AquaLuxDP Company offers its expertise in residential, […]
  • Waterproofing Services in Toronto (GTA) and Mississauga
    Coming in pat with Waterproofing Services Toronto is the best way to avoid problems with Wet Basement Walls and Leaking Basement. There is no other alternative under such conditions as wet environment in our region (Toronto, GTA, Mississauga). If there are any leaks of walls and basement you should consult the expert. Otherwise water may destroy the foundation or walls and cause mould. That is why it is better to Waterproofing Basement Toronto […]
  • Sewer Cleanout Toronto. Drain Cleanout Installation and Repair
    Sewer Cleanout Toronto provides convenient access to the sewer line allowing us to quickly and efficiently get rid of any plug in the drain. AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company offers replacement and/or repair of old systems for the newer ones, which are made of modern materials. AquaLuxDP Company offers its expertise in Drain Cleanout Installation, Drain Cleaning and Drain Jetting services for Unclogging Blocked Drain Pipes. If you do not […]
  • Drain Pipes Repair Services in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    Our company is an expert in Drain Pipes Repair Services in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga. We will Fix a Leak in the Pipes, execute any Repair, Replacement and Installation of all types of Sewers Pipes and Water. Our experienced staff have been always using the up-to-date equipment for 17 years providing quality services in GTA and enjoys good reputation among customers. AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company offers its expertise in residential, […]
  • Drain Replacement Mississauga
    Such features as drains in our homes are too often taken for granted and ignored. We notice them only when they leak and don’t work well. In these cases there’s only one good solution – Drain Replacement Mississauga. You got to Replace Drain, when you noticed that: The water is dirty and slow when you open a drain; It became quite difficult to open the drain or just close the stopper; Even when you close the stopper, the water still drains out […]
  • Weeping Tile Installation and Replacement Services in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    One of the important devices for Basement Waterproofing is the Installation of Weeping Tile. This structure is a porous tube that surrounds the perimeter of your house foundation. It collects the water which comes from the outside (such as rain, ground water) and redirects it to the Sump Pit and outputs it through the Sump Pump to the city sewer. Thus, even during heavy rains and flooding your basement and your property are secured with dryness […]
  • Have your Sewer Cleaning Toronto by plumbing professionals
    The most common Plumbing Problem is probably Drain Blockage. It is usually caused by a collection of grease, dirt and hair that become hard inside the pipe. A variety of professional machines can be used to Sewer Cleaning Toronto (GTA), Mississauga. The most common Sewer Cleaning devices are water jets and cable machines. Sewer Cleaning Toronto (GTA), Mississauga If the Blockage doesn’t lie deep into the sewer system, different Snakes can be […]
  • How to Prevent Blocked Basement Drain?
    Surely, prevention is better than cure. Before you install ore replace your drain pipes, you should know some tips on how to avoid Clogged Basement Drain Toronto (GTA) and Mississauga.   3 Simple advices for homeowners: Use a Drain screen or a strainer These tools will trap any debris to Protect the Basement Drainage System from Blockage. So, it’s worth to set this tool when Installing or Replacing a Drainage System. When the drain screen […]
  • Save Your Money with Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program!
    Different factors may contribute to Basement Problems. The most common of them are aging pipe system, severe weather and foundation deterioration. Moreover, city’s sewer system in GTA tends to get overwhelmed with extra water in rainy seasons. Basement flooding protection subsidy program can help reduce repair expenses. The protection subsidy encourages citizens to take actions to decrease the risk of Flooding in Basements. Homeowners who live […]
  • Don’t let Basement Sump Pit Odor spoil your life!
    Sump Pumps are devices used to Remove Groundwater out of the building. They prevent houses and other structures from potential flooding. Blockage in Pipes can lead to the Pump Damage. Frozen or Blocked outflow tends to be a typical problem. It’s important to Clean and Inspect Drains on regular bases in order to avoid Blockage and Basement Sump Pit Odor. You should contact a Plumbing Company Toronto and ask for advice about the right maintaining […]
  • Outside Wall Waterproofing
    While dealing with all kinds of problems on the building ground, the major challenge is to waterproof the vertical surfaces. And here arises a great deal of difficulties, as Wall Waterproofing tends to be far more challenging that the regular Waterproofing of horizontal surfaces. The liquid rubber is equally suitable for Waterproofing both vertical and horizontal surfaces and even ceilings. That is why this material is used for both Wall […]
  • What is the Difference between a Backwater Valve and Backflow Preventer?
    People often get confused with the definitions of Backwater Valve and Bbackflow Preventer. Despite the fact that these terms sound almost identical, their functioning is different. Backwater Valves prevent the wastewater from getting into your place, whereas Backflow Preventers don’t let the water leave your place. Do you need a Backwater Valve or Backflow Preventer? Backwater Valve is installed at the place where your wastewater pipe connects […]
  • Underground Drain Pipe Repair Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    You need no telling what a mass it would be if you needed an Underground Drain Pipe Repair Toronto. Just imagine all the excavated earth and your ruined garden that would need complete reconstruction. Even worse if you have some landscape designs in your backyard; they are very popular these days. Such thoughts would only give you head ache and heartache. However, you may stop this unpleasant flow of thoughts with our help. Entering your […]
  • Emergency Sump Pump System. Our home is our castle, don’t let water wrack it!
    Everyone knows that comfort and safety are these essential conditions that make our Home our Castle. However, sometimes contingencies arise and endanger our peace and order. Our brand-new Emergency Sump Pump System designed to remove excess water, whether it is rainwater, underground water, or sudden outburst in water supply system from the particular area. Our innovative Model 441 makes you forget about dampness, mold and pools in your […]
  • Sanitary Drain Repair
    Clogged Drain Pipes and Sewer Blockages are the main and most troublesome problems that may occur to the sewer system. Even with proper maintenance is impossible to avoid such troubles as washable grease, organic and inorganic waste. Accumulating at the pipes, it will gradually fill all available space, forming a Blockage of Pipes, or impenetrable slug. If you have any problems with the drain pipes or sewer line, we can provide sanitary Drain […]
  • Camera Inspection for Drain
    The serviceability of drainage devices and systems contributes to the strength, stability and durability of pipe structures. Damage or Clogging of Drains and Water intake structures leads to flooding by groundwater, erosion of basecourse, foundations of buildings and water logging. To maintain the serviceability of pipe structures I can provide you Free Camera Inspection for Drains which actually has to be carried out regularly. For reliable […]
  • Mainline ML-FR4 – Backwater Valve Installation
    Our company is glad to propose you a new service – Installation of the New Model of Backwater Valve. If you don’t have a great amount of slope to work with, ML-FR4 ABS is the best choice you can make. And our highly qualified and experienced professionals will install it as soon as possible and to the best advantage! Backwater Valve is one of the most important elements of the autonomous water system. It preserves water system from such water […]
  • Basement Flooding, Wet Basement Repair
    Our Plumbing Company is a good organized, highly trusted, and absolutely professional service in all the country. Our plumbers are polite, attentive and efficient so you will be definitely satisfied. There are many people who have decided to do home plumbing by himself, but unfortunately they do even worse and work finishes with calling a Plumber to all intents and purposes. Even such a little thing as Basement Flooding can make lots of problems […]
  • Install a Sump Pump in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    The problem of high level underground water is known for many people and their houses. You know of course to quit this problem is reasonable to use Professional Plumber’s Services. Our skilled stuff of licensed technicians always is ready to resolve Drainage Water Problems you have using Install a Sump Pump in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga. The right way of Install a Sump Pump is very important. In spite it seems rather easy to do, only skilled […]
  • BackWater Valve Toronto Subsidy Program
    The Plumbing Work in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga offered by our Company is distinguished from the numerous other companies at the Plumbing market. What makes us special? The answer is: we are the only Plumbing Company where the highest expectations meet the most Affordable Prices. More so, we go beyond the expectations of our valued customers, leaving satisfied virtually every household we are called to. Always available 24 hrs/7 days a week we […]
  • Grease Trap Installation in Toronto, Mississauga, GTA
    Grease Trap Installation is a very important aspect of the Plumbing System for any commercial kitchen. Homeowners may not be legally required to use grease traps, but those who are ecologically conscientious will want to do their part to prevent grease contamination of public sewer systems – and if you have a septic system, Grease Trap Installation will save you much frustration and expense. Waste-water treatment plants and septic tanks are […]
  • Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    When standing water or poor drainage causes problems in your lawn or driveway, you may benefit from Catch Basin Installation Toronto, with Underground Drainage Pipes. If you don’t know what a catch basin is, it is a bit like your bathtub drain – but in the lawn, driveway, or wherever water pools when it rains! Catch basin are also sometimes called “drop inlets”, because they allow the water to drop beneath the surface into Underground Drainage […]
  • Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation
    Is Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation ever a good choice? In fact, there are situations in which Outside Foundation Wall Waterproofing isn’t possible, or may not be the best option. In such cases, rather than waterproofing the outside of the walls, Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation may be your best choice. If you are wondering what “weeping tile” means, it’s a special kind of drainage piping […]
  • Waterproofing of Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    Waterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga is very important for many homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Unless your home or business is located on “high ground”, there are surely times when groundwater rises above the level of your foundation. If this occurs, unless your foundation walls are waterproof, you should expect to find seepage and leaks – with resulting damage to your building and its contents. […]
  • Using a Backwater Valve & Sump Pump can Protect your Home
    Back Water Valve & Sump Pump Installation can greatly Reduce your Basement Drainage Problems. Drainage is normally dependent upon gravity. If you have properly designed drainage system, and it is in good condition, you shouldn’t experience Drainage Backup. The exception occurs when the water table outside your home is higher than your basement floor, or when the water level in drainage pipes which receive your “outfall” matches or exceeds […]
  • Drain Snake Service Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    Drain Snake Service Toronto is a process by which a metal “snake” tool is inserted into a drain, to clean it out. Although the original Drain Snakes were simple, manually operated devices, a modern Drain Cleaning Snake is actually a power operated machine. Drain Cleaning Snakes have replaceable cutting bits of various styles, depending upon the nature of the clog and that of the Sewer Pipe. When a Sewer Pipe is Clogged by an internal problem, […]
  • Drain Replacement in Toronto and all GTA
    Homes and businesses which were constructed prior to the 1980’s are likely to have Drainage Pipes made of Clay Tile or Asbestos Piping. If you have such Drainage Pipes, you should seriously consider Drain Replacement Toronto. Whether your Ddrainage Pipes are made of clay or of asbestos, such piping is “sectional”, made of short sections which are between 1.5 and 2 feet long. The joints are not tight, and tend to work loose over time. When this […]
  • Sewer Camera Inspection Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
    Does Sewer Camera Inspection Toronto sound too “high-tech” for you? What is a homeowner or business owner to do when Drain Problems occur, and the cause is not obvious? If your Drain System Clogs Up, you could always just tear out the whole thing and start over – but realistically, that is not usually a good choice. Sometimes, the cause of a clog is easily identified, but other times there seems to be no easy way to determine what is causing the […]
  • Plumber Oakville: The AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company at Your Service
    No matter what district of Oakville you reside in. Whether it is West Oak Trails or Old Oakville there is a Professional Plumber Oakville Working in your area ready to come for help in case of emergency. The AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company has a 24/7 hot line that you can apply if you need professional help or a consultation. Call us (416) 951-0777 for free to get all the answers you need. We will be happy to help you. We work with the […]
  • The Drain Repair Mississauga: Make Sure You Have a Good Technician
    Just like most of the house owners you probably have a phone number handy just in case. And you should have a Plumbing Company in Mississauga you can trust but how to tell if they are any good and if you are getting your money worth. The Sewer Pipes can get blocked, the Plumbing Trap can leak, and the laying gets old and rustic and what not so you have to call for a Plumbers Technician for a few times per year – call us now, Drain Repair […]
  • Water Services Toronto (GTA), Mississauga: Leave it to the AquaLux Professionals
    Have you ever checked the lifespan of your sewage system? Perhaps it would be a great idea to upgrade the water piping? When it comes to Water Service the AquaLux Draining and Plumbing Company is the ones to call. We have a hot line that works around the clock and our professional experienced consultants will be happy to consult you or give you the professional advice. Water Service Toronto Options and Solutions If you are still not certain, if […]
  • Clogged Toilet Drain Repair Service – forget about the issue
    As you know the buildup in the pipes collects gradually. Perhaps you have been pouring bleach into the toilet or followed other recommendations you found online and now you feel like the sewage is totally blocked. And just in case you are now worried that you need professional Clogged Toilet Drain Repair Service – call AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company 416-951-0777 for the quote. We will discuss the issue and consult you on any arising […]